Documents You Need When Applying for a Home Mortgage

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Applying for a home mortgage is exciting because it typically means you’re about to buy a new home. But applying for a home mortgage does take some time and effort on your end. Although our goal at Harbor Mortgage Company is to simplify the application process and fund your real estate transaction seamlessly, it’s a good idea to start preparing now by gathering the following documents:

Documents You Need When Applying for a Home Mortgage

• Tax returns—We’re going to want to get a clearer picture of your financial history, and a good way to do this is by requesting copies of your tax returns. Typically, we’ll need two years of tax documentation to move your home mortgage application through.

• Pay stubs—In addition to your tax information, we’ll need more information about what you make on a regular basis. We’ll likely want to see your pay stubs from the past month or so or other proof of income.

• Credit history—We’ll either need your verbal or written permission to pull copies of your credit report. If there are any negative items showing up on your credit report, be prepared to provide a written explanation of what they are.

• Photo ID—You will probably need to submit a copy of a government ID, such as your driver’s license.

• Renting history—If you are buying your first home and have been renting, you will need to provide a history of properties you’ve lived at. Your landlord might also need to provide documentation proving your tenancy history.