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We can assist you with loans for your primary residence, as well as a vacation home or investment property.

There are virtually unlimited places where you can learn about loans and obtain one. However, the number dwindles drastically if your goal is to work with a mortgage lending professional who will guide you every step of the way. At Harbor Mortgage Company, we offer a level of expertise that is rare even in the mortgage lending industry. Our knowledgeable team is a valuable resource for properly matching you with loans that make sense for your specific situation and financial objectives.

Loans in Savannah, Georgia

Our owner has a background in helping clients with finance and property investment goals, so we can assist you with loans for your primary residence, as well as a vacation home or investment property. We have worked with clients in Savannah, Georgia and all over the region who need to find the best deal possible. We understand there is more standing between a good loan and an undesirable one than just the mortgage rate. We make certain the terms fit with your financial situation, as well.

We are experts in mortgage loans of all types, including conventional loans, first-time home buyer loans, VA loans, FHA loans and refinance loans. Whether you are seeking a new mortgage or need assistance with loan refinancing to get better terms, you can count on us to work diligently to achieve your goal.

If you would like a better understanding of mortgage loans or need assistance obtaining or refinancing a mortgage, reach out to us today to schedule a face-to-face consultation. We will ensure you are left with no unanswered questions or concerns, so you can proceed with complete confidence.


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